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Backup, Backup, Backup! What’s the best method for you?

Whether you use your PC for work, pleasure, or as a repository for family memories and pictures, chances are the data that you have saved is very valuable or even priceless to you.

The feeling of having lost important data, pictures, etc., never to be found again can be very painful.

This article will explain to you several different ways to backup that data. Each method has its pros and cons. You may decide you want to use more than one method.

There are three major ways for individuals to backup data:

On a separate partition on your PC or a separate disk inside your PC.

On an external portable drive.

Cloud or online backup services such as Mozy, Cloudzooka, and Dropbox.

A separate partition on your existing hard drive is the least desirable of the options. If your hard drive goes bad, the data could become inaccessible.

A separate hard drive inside your desktop that is used strictly for backup is a much better choice. The disadvantage here is that if you have forgotten to connect your trusty surge protector/ battery backup and you get an electrical zap, you can loose all your data.

An external drive, in my opinion, is an excellent choice. Again, keep it in a very safe place except when in use. I met one person who actually keeps his in a safe deposit box, bringing it home once a week to back up his computer.

The disadvantage is that any hard drive can go bad.

There are many options and many prices for cloud storage.

If you are only saving photos, there is Flickr. You get a terabyte of space free. Consider, however, that most cloud storage may not be safe as there always seems to be some hacker that wants to be the person who finally hacks into the organization of his choice.

Other disadvantages to cloud storage are bandwidth problems. If you are on dial-up, or are using 3G or 4G wireless, and/or you have limited bandwidth allowances such as with 3G or 4G wireless or satellite internet, cloud storage may not be for you. In these particular circumstances, cloud storage definitely pulls bandwidth from what you are actively working on, as well as using up what few gigabytes you have.

I only recommend what I feel personally is very good. If you want to use cloud storage, I highly recommend cloudzooka.

The reasons are as follows:

Your data is encrypted, compressed and backed up to three U.S. datacenters. If one or even two of the servers goes down, there is still another. Should one of the computers be hacked your data is still encrypted and useless to the hackers.

They offer a 100% warranty that your data will not be lost.

There is a free 15 day trial with no credit card required.

Price is very reasonable at $59.95 per year.

The disadvantage is that although you can transfer files to and from a Windows based PC, there is no way of transferring files to Apple, Android, or Linux based systems, except via your own sync programs.

I actually used this and loved it, but I am one of those folks on bandwidth allowances.

The best protection is to use two or more of these methods. This is the safest way to protect your valuable data from loss.

For more PC tips please visit ZookaWare on YouTube

You’ll find an excellent movie on the backup software I’ve been talking about.

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