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Commercial Free Browsing

The other day I was visiting a friend, and he had a YouTube video he wanted to share with me.

I was momentarily surprised to see that there was a commercial that we had to wade through and wait through, at least partially until he was able to click through to the video he wanted to show me. I said momentarily surprised because, I have a browser that this happens on too that I use as a backup or when I need two browsers open.

For several years now I have been using Firefox with AdBlock, and then AdBlock Plus. At the time I started using it, it seems to me that it was only available on Firefox. Yahoo mail at the time was loaded with banners. Actually I didn’t mind the banners so much as I minded what it did to the speed which my email loaded. Sometimes, if the banner didn’t load, the email didn’t either. Reloading my mail over and over to get a banner that loaded was definitely not the way I cared to spend my day!

Today, I don’t recommend AdBlock, but I definitely recommend AdBlock Plus. It now is supported in 6 browsers, including Android, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

It does a lot more than just block ads on YouTube and Yahoo mail. It blocks banners, pop-ups and video ads internet wide and even on Facebook. Additional security features are available if you are interested.

These include:

Removing Facebook “Like” Buttons

Blocking Malware

Disable Tracking

You can also control unobtrusive text ads.

This is all completely free.

If you are interested you can go straight to the website and install it. However, the website may direct you to install it through your browser, or in the case of Google Chrome through the store.

I really, really like this program. Not only does it keep my browsing ad free, but I am convinced it keeps it much safer as well.

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