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Faronics- Safety for the Internet and an Alternative for XP Users

A few years ago, I was doing some testing of questionable software, likely to be carrying malware and viruses. I am careful of my computer, and every day after work I was doing a system restore to make sure there was nothing still lurking around that could endanger my computer and all the work that was on it.

I was told about Faronics Deep Freeze and the amazing protection it could afford my computer. They offered a 30 free trial. I tried it. I stopped having to create restore points and do a system restore every single day.

What is Faronics and what does it do?

When turned on Faronics Deep Freeze provides the best protection I’ve seen for your PC or Mac whether you want to protect either one computer or many. It creates a frozen snapshot of your PCs desired configuration and settings. Then when you restart, all unwanted changes you obtained via the internet are removed automatically and the computer is restored to its original state.

This means that almost all virus and malware are removed when you reboot.
For example, you want to try out a new program you saw, but thought that it might contain something it shouldn’t. While the computer is frozen, check it out. Install it, wait and see what happens. See if there is now a toolbar you didn’t want, or suddenly as you are surfing, windows are popping up that you didn’t ask for. Don’t like it? Reboot and it’s gone.

Why do I say almost all?

I spoke with the technical staff at Faronics and they informed me that it is still possible for a machine level virus to infect the underlying drivers in the Windows system. This is very rare. This is because most people are looking to make money from their malware, either by advertising to you or using ransomware which was discussed previously.

In spite of this however, they do offer a 100% Guarantee that your workstation will recover when restarted.

I really enjoy Faronics. My browser is restored to the way I had it before, and all the garbage is gone. I use it to see how every program I want to try works, and if it leaves such things as unwanted toolbars, etc.

Suppose though, there is something you want to save. You can save it on a drive that you set aside for that purpose when you configure the program.

Faronics is not all sunshine however. Periodically you need to update things such as your browser and flash player. For this Faronics must be off and your virus protector on. Your virus protector is one of the things you need to update and probably first at that! And Faronics is not free.

However, they do offer a 100% Guarantee that your workstation will recover when restarted. That your passwords will be protected, and that you can protect multiple drives. It also secures your master boot record.

You can get your 30 day trial here:

All in all this is an excellent program. It is on the top of my list right now for people who intend to continue to use Windows XP after the end of support in April of 2014.

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