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FileDropper: A Good Website for Sharing Large Files

On occasion I want to send a friend a file too large to be attached to my email. I don’t really want to sign up for a service either, because this is something I don’t need often. For the same reason, I also don’t want to pay a whole bunch of money.

My old standby was MediaFire. It was recommended to me over 5 years ago by a good friend. However, the past few times I used it, I had some problems. I would upload the file, usually waiting an hour to hours, and at the very last second I would get a file upload error. I would have to start again and repeat the process with the same results. The third time I was extremely frustrated. I tried several different connections including the fastest one available in the area. The last time that happened I decided not to use MediaFire again.

Recently, I needed to send several large files to a friend. And he needed the files fast.

So I decided to try FileDropper.


Talk about simple. Fast. Efficient. Free. No sign up required.

I had to upload three large files. There was not a single error message. They were done remarkably quickly using the same internet connection I had used with MediaFire.

Here is a pic of the FileDropper interface.

There are no annoying ads and timers like there is with Rapidshare and Megaupload.

At the end of your file upload you are given a personal link to share.

If there are no downloads of the file for 30 days, the file is automatically deleted. This is true only with the free version.

Of course you can sign up for a more expensive version starting at about $12 per year and they will keep your files as long as you like and as long as you pay. The prices are reasonable.

I was so pleased with my experience that I recommend this company at this point if you want to share a file too large for your email. Some people use these types of websites as cloud storage. I do not recommend that except for a few files you might need quickly. A single server can always be hacked and unless you encrypt your files you could possibly lose sensitive information.

To try out FileDropper go here:

If you are looking for high quality cloud storage, and you are not looking for file sharing the best I have ever run into is CloudZooka. Your files can be backed up at your convenience. Then they are all encrypted with military grade encryption and sent to three different servers. Storage is unlimited. All for about $60 per year.

Check out ZookaWare on YouTube for more useful computer tips.

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