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How To Clean Your Laptop

Cleaning a laptop can be tricky, because you are bringing liquid onto an object that you want to keep liquid away from, to protect the internal electronic components from being damaged. But with light application, the surface of the laptop can be cleaned without dripping to the components below.


The first step is to clean the lid and the bottom panel. Mix a couple drops of dish soap and a couple cups of warm water, and dip a lint free cloth in the mixture. Wring it out, and wipe down the surfaces. Then rinse out the cloth with clean water and wipe it down again to remove the soap residue. Lastly, to avoid water streaks, wipe a third time with a dry cloth.


You can also use the soap/water mixture to clean the screen.


Next is the keyboard. This is the tricky part, and the key is to not let any liquid get beneath the keyboard, not to let it drop down into the computer. Use a can of compressed air to remove any crumbs or dust that are lying in the crevices between the keys. Once done, lightly dab a lint-free cloth in isopropyl alcohol and gingerly rub the keyboard. While soap and water can remove the stains just as well as the alcohol solution, it is far riskier. The isopropyl alcohol evaporates almost immediately, greatly reducing the risk of getting liquid inside the laptop, and it also is very effective in removing the oily residue left behind by fingerprints.


Lastly, you will want to clean the dust out of your laptop’s airvents. These vents help keep your computer running cool and efficiently. But they suck in air from the outside, and that includes dust, hair, etc. Those particles will clog up the system and cause your system to overheat, possibly damaging internal components and shutting your computer down. Use a can of compressed air to clean out the air vents of your computer, generally located on the side and bottom of the laptop.


Cleaning with the liquid solution is only necessary if there is dirt or oily residue. If it is just dusty, a dry lint-free cloth will easily clean that. Cleaning your air vents with compressed air should be done bi-weekly, if not monthly.


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