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Just the Fax, Ma’am

With fewer landlines, fewer reasons to fax, more mobile phones and computers, sending a fax is much more difficult. I mean after all you have to find a landline right?

No need however, to dust off that old fax machine sitting in the corner that you haven’t the heart to throw away. No need to reconnect to the old-fashioned phone service.

Whether you need to send a fax rarely or frequently, one of these solutions might work for you.

Enter hellofax! and MyFax

Hellofax has solutions from free to send up to 5 faxes per month, and up to 1000 faxes per month for small business at the cost of $39.99 per month. There are several plans in between and one beyond.

Well, what do I get for free? You get to send up to 5 faxes per month including international, plus the ability to sync with Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., you can edit and sign faxes, and you have secure cloud storage. There is no receive option.

What else is free? You can try any one of their plans for free for 30 days.

The paid folks get more of course; they can receive as well as send faxes, send faxes to multiple recipients and get their faxes sent automatically to their email.

My Fax is another service that offers a small number of free faxes. You can go there and immediately send a single fax for free without signing up. They allow you to do this 2X per day for totally free.

They also have a 30 day free trial of their service. Paid service is $10 a month and includes 200 pages received and 100 pages sent with extras at 10 cents each. The cost of the fax phone number is included in this and even a toll-free number can be obtained without extra charge.

Both of these services sound pretty good to me. I prefer the one time free service of MyFax, as I rarely need to send faxes. It definitely beats going to town and paying for the service.

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