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Why I Love Opera, and Finally Chose Firefox

Opera is a truly wonderful browser. Its features, under normal circumstances, would make it favorite browser.

There are four main factors that influence my choice of browser.

1. Susceptibility to virus/malware issues. This immediately eliminates IE.

2. Ad control.

3. Bandwidth usage.

4. Ability to control bookmarks and other features.

Ads popping up in a browser seriously distract me from what I’m trying to do, particularly those with moving images in them. In both cases Adblock Plus is an effective answer. Adblock Plus works well in both Opera and Firefox once the settings are correct.

For me bandwidth usage is a biggie. A very biggie. I have 5G of bandwidth per month and that’s it. Opera has Turbo! Turbo does two extremely helpful things. First, since at times my connection can be very slow, Turbo can load web pages up to 5X faster than other browsers. Secondly, when it is enabled, webpages are compressed so that they use much less data than the originals. This means that there is less to download, so webpages load up more quickly. Also Opera has an option to not load pictures and to not automatically play movies. To say that a person on limited bandwidth would love these features is an understatement.

Setting up bookmarks in both Opera and Firefox is easy. Accessing them is easy. Importing and exporting them in Firefox is easy. This is not so in Opera. I am in the habit of frequently exporting bookmarks so I have backup in case of some sort of a crash. Now, in some versions of Opera exporting them is supposed to be easy. I have read every article I could find on exporting bookmarks in Opera. I followed each one exactly and they all said the same thing. That you need to enable it in settings. Since I went through settings several times looking for it even enabling advanced settings, and could not find it, I decided to upgrade Opera. Nothing seemed to change except the theme. I say honestly this this could be totally my fault and that I am missing something, but it became a big minus as I had to start keeping screen shots of my bookmarks stash frequently.

Even that did not deter me from using Opera.

The final straw that sent me to Firefox was some malware I picked up installing KeyFinder (see review). I located the malware and destroyed it. I then completely uninstalled the browser and reinstalled it using what I thought was the latest version (according to Opera’s website at least). After this escapade two of my frequently used websites would not load. I mean they would not load at all. I’d leave them loading and come back in 10 minutes. They would either still be circling the herd or I would be informed that the website was unavailable. I started using Firefox for for those two websites. They loaded up instantly.

After about 2 weeks of that, I just finally moved to Firefox adding Adblock Plus.

Opera help was less than helpful.

Opera struck out. 8-(

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