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Password Managers Part 1: Passpack

In the past I have used password managers and have not been wildly happy with them.

In this series I’m going to try out a number of them with a fresh mind, but with caution. In all of these, I would still suggest that you keep an encrypted file on your computer with all your user names and passwords. No matter how good the service is, something can still happen to a server.

I have been trying out Passpack, an online password manager with a number of excellent features.

Passpack’s features include:

Total privacy. Passpack does not even require an email for you to use their free service.

Collaboration. You are able to share passwords with someone for free or many someones if you have a paid plan.

Support for your browser. You may add a Passpack button to all of the major browsers. I have been delighted with how well this button works.

Passpack offers two utilities. One will provide defragging for your passpack passwords, and there is another that will suggest a passwords for you.

Passpack also has a fully functional offline pack that you can put on a usb and tote around with you. This can be synced- a nice touch. You may also import and export, backup and restore passwords.

Signing up requires you to have both a password and a passphrase. Remembering these is critical in order to use the service.

Price ranges from free to $40+/month paid annually. The free plan includes 100 Passwords, one shared user, and 3 disposable logins. The smallest paid plan, the ‘Pro’ has 1,000 passwords, 3 shared users, 30 disposable logins for $1.50 month paid annually.

You may find passpack on the web at:

I will let you know at the end of my explorations which of the password managers is my favorite.

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