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Passwords Can Be Funny Part 1

It seems as time goes on, the more complex passwords need to be, and the more frequently they need to be changed. In this series of articles, I’m going to help you learn how to create passwords, obtain random passwords, and later probably do reviews on several companies that offer to help you manage your passwords both free and paid.

My very first password for yahoo mail consisted of 4 simple digits, a snap to remember. Just before Paypal came along, my Linux friends were talking about more complicated passwords and giving tips to anyone who would listen how to do that.

I’m sure you’ve heard it too. Make certain your password is at least 8 characters long. Be certain to use at least one capital letter, small letter, number, and symbol. Don’t use family names or birth dates.

Lately I’ve become a fan of “pass phrases”- something I’m going to remember with capital letters, numbers, and symbols mixed in. I say going to remember, as lately I went through a whole rigamarole because of the heartbleed thing, and changed my passwords in a hurry, not taking the time to figure them out. Then I lost the piece of paper I had them written on. I was also using a password manager that did not work properly and I was almost seriously stuck. I know you’re laughing because it could happen to you! It came out ok, however, as I had taken screen shots of the passwords as I hurried along. I also dumped that password manager.

So, tell me the first phrase that pops into your head- the sillier the better. Write it down. Beside it write the website(s) you are considering using it on.

For example:

Yes, Yelly wore yellow flowers. Yahoo.

Then begin to modify it. I have found on some websites 10 or 11 characters is really the maximum, so except for really high security sites, I keep it about there.

Now as you can plainly see this has a symbol and several capital letters.

So, start modifying.

Y,Yw0reyelF1. Y for Yes (capital letter)

followed by a comma (symbol)

another capital Y for Yelly,

small w for wore

a zero for the o

then re for the rest of wore

yel for yellow

and F1 with one for the l in flowers.

It does take some getting used to, and you will need your cheat sheet for a while most likely.

I personally like to use at least the first letter or some part of the website name in the password somewhere.

For example this is from a poem I started.

Oogle Ooggle was a turtle. Oogle Ooggle lived in Sigh-Am.

There are a lot of permutations you can make for this for Google.

00gwaToo!iS Double zeros for both Ooggle Ooggle and

a single g for both sets of the g’s.

w for was

a for a

T for Turtle

oo two small o’s for the next instance of Oogle Ooggle

an ‘!’ for lived

and the small letter I for in and S for Sigh-Am.

Please keep in mind you can play a form of word jumble with your passwords.

In the first password above Y,Yw0reyelF1, off the top of my head not only do I see wore, but Or, eye, ye, and F1 the universal computer help button. If you want to get complex you can take the letters/words out of order and really have a laugh by playing a game of scrabble with your passwords. Also reading them aloud in order as follows can be a riot.

00gwaToo!iS 00gwa- sounds like one of those old fashioned horns. A horn is a Too!. Oogwa (repeat the a in your head) a Tool iS. Make the s sound like a snake.

I warned you- passwords can be funny.

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