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Passwords Can Be Funny Part 2

Random Password Generators

There are lots and lots of these online. Simply do a search for random password generators. Many of them claim to be more random than the others!

Some of them offer helpful mnemonic devices to help you remember your new password. Somehow these don’t seem to cut it.


Somehow, I don’t think that this is really going to help me remember a password. You can, however, use these successfully by making up your own mnemonics. For example- it equals the bar #8 bracket, and 1 bar Dove Down. (Think chocolate!) Silly is more easily remembered. Which brings me to my favorite password generator.



Now, this is a password generator for children. It offers both simple and strong passwords. The difference? The simple have only numbers and lower case letters.

A simple- brownglue99.

A strong- th!nPuma14

Now these are easy to remember and can be modified with extra symbols, etc. Essentially they are two unrelated words with a symbol and numbers. And the fact that they are incongruous can be very funny! Now how good can it get? A password that gives you a laugh every time you use it!

A few more just for fun-


and for you senior citizens


And last


You can make amusing variations of these that still leave you more secure with more fun.




Then all you have to remember is where you put the symbols!

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