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Reboot Restore Rx Revisited

Sadly, I need to rescind my extremely positive review of this program, and put it down a notch or two as some things have happened that I want to share with you.

This program has been in use on my own computer for at least a month. I have found it incredibly helpful when I’m looking at new software. I could install the software, and see if there were any working virus’ or malware in a safe environment. It was helpful in browsing giving a feeling of more confidence as I worked at one research project or another.

In short, I really liked it.

In about two weeks I noticed that the computer was booting incredibly slowly- over 5 minutes. I have 4 programs that I use constantly, so I have them also boot at start up. Normally all three boot up within 60 seconds or less of the Windows sound of approval ;-) Not anymore. I would be 3 to 4 minutes into work before they would show up rather rudely interrupting what I was doing. In addition, my browser took longer and longer to come back up.

I decided to uninstall Reboot Restore Rx to see what would happen to the boot up speed. The next time I started the computer just before the Windows sound of approval, I got a blue screen. Since this program works on the hardware level, I was quite alarmed. It did reboot with no problems the second time, but nevertheless I got the info for the blue screen. I also decided to let everything update without it in the background and see what happened at the next boot up. And I did a complete driver update.

Then I reinstalled the program. More of the same. The boot time became slower and slower. My start up programs waited until I was typing away to come back. My browser wandered off to sleep. I uninstalled it again.

This time I can only describe the uninstall process as hairy. It took 15 minutes to uninstall this program. For 3 of those 15 minutes the progress bar was empty.

This time I left it uninstalled. No more blue screens, and the computer is booting quickly again.

I admit I did not talk with support. I also admit I turn my computer on and off quite a bit during the day, carefully shutting it down according to MS protocol, including closing all programs before I do it.

One other thing that caused me some serious problems with this program was that if I hibernated my computer (which I do if I’m in the middle of something and have to disconnect from the power), it would show the resuming system screen and then reboot regardless and I would lose all my work.

I would still recommend this program for public hotspots, including libraries, etc. If you leave your computer on most of the time, it might be ok.

Otherwise, if you want a program like this I would definitely recommend Faronics Deep Freeze.

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