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Reboot Restore Rx

Reboot Restore Rx is a wonderful tool created by Horizon DataSys Inc. Essentially, it is rather like MS System Restore on steroids. This is a very interesting program similar to Faronics which I talked about in an earlier post. It is also considered a replacement for MS SteadyState. Horizon DataSys has excellent online support, and the program itself is free.

 It takes a picture of the system called a baseline, and returns to it exactly at reboot. It then keeps that snapshot until you update it. The huge difference between it and the standard system restore is that every single file is restored just as it was before, and no programs are lost, unless you installed them while frozen.

 The many uses for this are amazing. If you are running Windows XP you will be able to run your computer safely online for a while at least until your browser, flash, etc. won’t update. If you are running Vista, 7 or 8 and you want to see how a new program effects your computer make sure your system is frozen and try it. It is a good way to see if a program is carrying malware or a virus. If you own a small public internet system like a library or hotspot, you can use this to protect your entire system. As an individual you can use it the same way- it will protect you from viruses in the frozen state. If you want to protect your computer from your little brother, or if you share a computer and have administrative privileges, this can protect your computer from those “really cute smiley faces”, someone wants to use.

 It also restores your browser to exactly where it was before. Any bookmarks are not saved unless you redo the baseline.

 Here’s what it looks like.

Another really nice thing about this is by pressing the ‘home’ key when the orange splash screen comes up during reboot, you are offered 3 choices- Restore, Uninstall or Exit. The default is restore, and it does that without needing to use the menu.

Lest this seem like a panacea, it is not. It has some very definite cons.

 First, rebooting takes a lot longer than it does without it.

 You need to remember to run the above screen after browser updates including flash.

 Anything and everything you save is absolutely gone unless you update the baseline. I lost a couple hours of work when this happened to me!

I did learn a work around for this which is pretty simple and obvious, but I did test it carefully. You can save things onto a thumb drive.

 All in all with the proper cautions and work a rounds, this is an extremely helpful program especially for the price! I personally still like Faronics Deep Freeze better because you can set areas for saving things that are not subject to freezing and Faronics does not seem to affect boot speed. Faronics also has little secrets so a casual observer cannot get into the control screen. However, Reboot Restore Rx works below Windows and can actually protect hardware settings.

 Here’s the link:

 For more helpful hints please visit the official ZookaWare Google+ page.

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