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The No Longer so Magical Magical Jelly Bean

I have been a fan of the Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder software for several years. Although it still does what it is supposed to do, it is now likely to force malware onto your system. It did on mine. Both Threatfire and AVG were soon popping alerts in front of me.

Keyfinder efficiently finds keys for a number of programs including Windows and MS Office. Should you ever have problems and need to reinstall any of these, if you run Keyfinder and save what it finds, you have your keys.

There is a paid version that finds keys for many more programs. I don’t know if it is free of malware or not.

I suggest if you want to use it, you only use it only with Reboot Restore Rx or Faronics Deep Freeze or something similar running, then save the results on a thumb drive.

Here is parts of a contact letter I sent them. It pretty well describes things.

When I downloaded and began installation it asked me to allow it to install conduit search protector. I did not want to do that, so I clicked the custom installation box, and unchecked it, then reclicked the regular installation. Within moments my virus protector was popping up with warnings about conduit search protector. I had already let the installer know I did not want it. When I blocked the installation using the virus protector, my browser stopped working, and even with rebooting I had to reinstall it as it would not work.

I did not receive a reply from them.

So there you have it- an excellent program now loaded with free malware that can ruin your browser.

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