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Using Microsoft’s SkyDrive/OneDrive? Consider Again

A long time ago, my grandmother who owned the local newspaper told me a secret that she had learned as a newspaper woman.

“Never write anything that you would not want blazoned across the front page of the newspaper. Things can happen to things that you write.”

This was before the days of computers. This piece of wisdom has not changed today.

MS Office and other programs in Windows 8+ are intended to work with OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive)- cloud storage for your documents, pictures, etc. Personally, I would highly recommend that you disable this option.

As of today (June, 2014), there is no encryption or guarantee of safety for your files that are uploaded. According to a moderator on a MS forum about OneDrive dated March 27, 2014:

“Please note that in OneDrive, we do not encrypt your uploaded files. You have the option to encrypt your files using a file encryption app before uploading them to OneDrive. However, even if your file are not encrypted,they will remain safe with OneDrive since the files are protected by your Microsoft account log in credentials.”

Here is the website that quote is from:

There is no redundancy (multiple servers) backing up your files either.

If for some reason you have put your files on OneDrive and they are not on your computer, if you have no internet access your file is gone temporarily.
If someone hacks into the MS server or has somehow gotten your MS credentials, kiss your privacy and possibly your files goodbye. Since we know that hackers love hacking MS, your information may be as though it was blazoned across the front page of the newspaper. That might include your address, phone number, and photos of your children. This is similar to security issues on facebook. It is also known that with the right program, the place and time of a photo (particularly those taken with a cell phone) can be extracted.

If you need or want to use cloud storage, I highly recommend Cloudzooka. I don’t say this because I write articles for them. I recommend it because it is simply the best!!!! out there.

Your files are backed up to three different data centers and encrypted and compressed before they leave your computer. They can be backed up automatically or manually. In this case about $60 a year beats “free”. They guarantee they won’t lose your files. You can find it here.

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