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Using System Restore and ShadowExplorer as Protection for your PC Part 1

It is important to understand how to use system restore to return your computer to a previous state, and in the case of a virus attack like Cryptolocker to be able to restore the majority of your files. In the case of Cryptolocker you must have completely removed the virus from your computer before you start otherwise there is no assurance for the safety of your restored files (if they are there) or to prevent the possibility of a new infection, (See previous article about Cryptolocker). If you have not had this nasty virus, the following in addition to a good backup plan will help protect you as well.

Please keep in mind that system restore sometimes runs into problems and does not always work. ShadowExplorer explained in part 2 will give you access to your personal files from the time you last created a restore point.

For both instances, let’s start at the beginning. First be certain that System Restore is turned on for your main drive, and for any data partitions that you use regularly. Go to Control Panel, choose System. Then choose System Protection in the left hand menu.

Next be certain that System Restore is on. Once you have clicked on system protection and the pop-up box is up, select the system protection tab:

If protection is not on, click the drive(s) you want it on, then configure. If you have had the Cryptolocker virus and system restore is not on, chances are there isn't help for you, but it never hurts to try.

Regardless of whether it was on or not, click on the configure box and be sure that you have Restore system settings and previous versions of files checked. Click Apply, then OK. If you forget apply, it will keep the previous settings.

Supposedly, the system is now going to automatically create a restore point once a week. Do not believe this.

A better alternative is to manually set a restore point once a week. I say manually because as I was writing this article, I was amazed to find that both my computers running Windows 7 haven't been setting a restore point weekly like they are supposed to. See the pic. I made sure system restore was on from the first day I had it. Please note when the recent 'automatic' restore points took place marked with red arrows.

To create a restore point .

Go back to the System Protection screen and choose 'Create' just below configure.

When you really need to use System Restore, go back to the first screen and choose System Restore. It also shows up in the Start up menu after an error.

I have used this many many times to literally save my system including last night when I made an error and the system refused to boot. I was able to access System Restore through the repair menu, and go to my most recent restore point.

If you have had the Cryptolocker virus and/or you need to restore missing files on your computer, please go to Part 2 where you will learn how to access shadow copies of your personal files.

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