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Using System Restore and ShadowExplorer as Protection for your PC Part 2

ShadowExplorer allows you to access files that have been saved by System Restore on a computer that boots. Reasons for using this may be a virus like Cryptolocker that has encrypted your files and an earlier version would help, or something as simple as you accidentally deleted something important and you cannot find it in the recycle bin.

If you have music, texts, videos, etc. that have been on your computer for a long time, but you they became encrypted or you lost them, and you have a restore point Shadow Explorer is probably your solution.

Now we need to install ShadowExplorer. Here it is:

If you don’t want to use the cnet downloader, directly below the green download button is a direct download link.

After it downloads, create a file where you want to hold your restored files. Then install the program, and load it up.

This will come up.

Up in the top left corner choose drive and date.

Stay on the left side and expand the drive.

Go to users and choose your user of choice. Then continue expanding until you get to the stuff you want.

When you find the files you want, a right click you will get an Export button. Click on it.

The following screen will appear. If you forgot to make your folder you can do it now. Be certain you do not send it to where it was before, just for a small amount of added safety.

Click ok and the restoration of your files will begin. Be certain to check each place that you might have files stored, such as your user name/desktop.

The disadvantage to this is of course, that these may be older versions of your files, and some of the files you were working on or created since your last restore point may not be there at all. However, considering the results of Cryptolocker, it really isn’t too bad.

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