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Want to Quit Double-Clicking?

Yeah, me too. Never did like it, and actually found a way to avoid it years ago. One word of caution is in order- it takes a while to overcome the double-click urge. Be prepared in the meantime for double-good everything. In short sometimes, you will get two copies of your browser, and any other program or file you may want to use. Sometimes this causes a traffic jam, but it can be fixed by closing the extra file.

 While we’re exploring avoiding double-clicking, let’s set up a few more helpful things.

 The place to eliminate double-clicking is called folder options. It is in Control Panel.

You may need to double-click to get into this, but never again!

 In the general tab, select single click to open an item (point to select)

I prefer “Underline icon titles only when I point to them.” This is really good on the desktop.

 If you are in a folder, such as a music folder, you can select multiple files in that folder simply by holding down the Ctrl key and hovering your mouse over each file until it turns blue. Just skip the ones you don't want. Really handy if you want to play only certain songs in a folder. Just click either play or play selection after you make your choice. This is also really good if you want to copy or move a collection of files that are in one folder. Use the Ctrl and the mouse to select what you want, then right click and cut or copy.

 Another of my favorites is to show hidden files and folders except system folders. This requires checking two places in the View tab.

 Search options are included here as well. Select the Search tab.

Personally I like this the way it is already set up. When I really can't find something, I might choose search file names and contents, but this is definitely slow. Often specific programs have search features to find something within a file. MS Word is a good example of this.

There are a number of other things you can do in folder options according to your personal preference. Show navigation panes is a favorite of many people.

 Before you change something, just make sure that you remember how to undo it so you can take it back to the way it was if you find you don't like it.

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