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What is the Best Internal Hard Drive for You?

Thinking of replacing your computer’s hard drive or even dreaming of building a new computer for yourself?

Consider your options. They ain’t what they used to be.

They’re better.

What’s important to you? Lots of storage space, speed or both?

If your primary concern is lots of storage space on your main drive, you would probably want the old standby mechanical hard drive.

For many years, mechanical hard drives have been the default storage component in desktops and laptops. They retrieve or record data by use of the rotating magnetic platters that are paired with read/write heads. This traditional technology is simple, usually reliable and relatively cheap as compared to other storage options. On Amazon, the average price range for a 1TB mechanical drive is about $55-75.

Please keep in mind that anything larger than 2TB is not supported by the standard BIOS. You will need UEFI. If you are looking strictly at large amounts of storage and you have a standard BIOS you should consider external storage instead of internal storage.

If speed is what you want, consider the SSD- Solid State Drive.

SSDs utilizes nonvolatile NAND flash memory to read/write heads. In this regard, they deliver a much better performance than the mechanical hard drives. They are not only the fastest storage option available, but also can access the data more quickly. However, this does not happen instantly as it basically works by keeping the things you use most in the front of the memory. The fastest solid-state drives are well over two times faster than a mechanical hard drive. Since these drives do not involve moving mechanical parts, they are no where near as susceptible to damage or degraded performance. SSDs are much more expensive than hard drives when it comes to terms of cost per gigabyte. SSDs with a 250GB capacity on Amazon run from about $99-120. They are considerably more expensive, but when combined with UEFI, a regular racer! Please do keep in mind that SSDs do fail just like other HDDs, some within a year. Backup is still necessary.

Hybrid hard drives are a working mix of the traditional mechanical hard drive and a much smaller amount of solid-state drive. They monitor the data being read from the hard drive, and consequently cache the most frequently accessed data to the high-speed NAND flash memory. Hybrid drives tend to cost more than the mechanical drives, but below the SSDs. These drives are ideal for users who want a large amount of storage and solid-state speeds. On Amazon a 1T with 6GB of SSD starts at about $77.00.

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