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Your Computer’s Registry

What is your registry and why are there so many errors in it? A computer’s registry, a Microsoft Windows computer of course, is comprised of the settings that your computer needs to function. It is utilized by your programs, your games, web browser, and even Windows. When changes are made to your computer, those changes often have an effect on your registry.
For example, you install a program onto your computer. That program needs certain values stored onto the computer to run. RegZooka, for example, stores the registration code used to activate it within the registry. When it loads up, it checks that location in the computer’s registry to find the activation code. It then will either connect up to the internet to update the remaining subscription days, or if there is no connection, it will use a previously stored date. If someone went in and deleted that part of the registry, the program would no longer show as registered.
Empty Registry Keys are when something is changed or removed from the computer, but it leaves behind bits and pieces of itself in the registry. One or two of them are no issue, but when it adds up, it can slow down your computer’s performance. Running a scan with RegZooka might find you 267 empty registry keys, among other issues. Deleting those keys will help your computer’s performance, as it will no longer have to process those useless bits of data.
Windows itself also uses the registry for a lot of things. Your user profile, for example, is stored in many places in the registry. A somewhat common error when logging into windows is “The user profile service failed to load”. That usually happens because a seemingly simple setting in the registry got switched around. A temporary profile was set to the main profile, and your profile was set to the temporary profile. This confuses the computer because it is trying to load a profile that does not exist, so it throws back that error. If you know what you are doing, it’s a simple thing to fix, and if you aren’t as tech-savvy as others, you can always contact tech support.
It is never recommended for a standard user to be manually messing around with their computer’s registry. Deleting a couple values can cause your computer to never work again. You could stop Windows Update from working, Internet Explorer would never open again, or all your data is deleted because Windows detects no user profiles on the system, and creates a new one, deleting your current profile in the process.
Learn more about the Windows registry and how to keep your computer fast at the ZookaWare Twitter page.

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